NEW! — Beverage Buddy’s Mission to Reduce Single Use Plastics

Plastic is becoming a crisis of monumental proportions, threatening the well-being of our planet and our very existence. Globally we produce more plastic than ever before, about 300 million tonnes annually. Having no way to recycle or accommodate this tremendous generation of waste, the equivalent of a full garbage truck full of trash is dumped into the ocean every minute, and much of it is plastic… Continue reading

5 Easy Steps To Create Your Writing ePortfolio

Creating an online writing portfolio can be an intimidating task. You might be thinking you need web-design or coding expertise or that you have to pay someone who does. Others feel they lack the body of work in their desired profession to create a portfolio. Luckily for you, neither is true. This article will guide you through creating your own personalized online portfolio, in just 5 easy steps… Continue reading

Immune Boost Email Promotion

Immune Boost focuses on twists to wring out the liver and kidneys, inversions to flush the lymph nodes, and pranayama breathing techniques to oxygenate the blood and alleviate adrenal fatigue. Additional side effects of this workshop may include a stronger body, more flexibility, extreme stress relief, improved anxiety and depression, deeper sleep, an increase in serotonin production, and an overall sense of calm and awesomeness… Continue reading

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