Food Delivery Apps are Bankrupting the Restaurant Industry, and its Drivers, During the Pandemic

In the midst of the pandemic, Americans all over the world perceived ordering their Chinese take-out or Taco Tuesday through these food delivery mega-companies as doing a great service to a struggling industry in a shaky economy. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. These companies pretend they are saving the restaurant industry when they are, in fact, bankrupting them… Continue reading

4 Yoga Poses That Will Boost Your Immune System And Detox Your Body

There are poses (or asanas, as the yogis say) to detoxify all internal organs and glands, soothe headaches, alleviate anxiety and depression, deepen sleep, and give your immune system a huge boost. Let’s be honest, immune system function is in the forefront of all our minds in today’s virus-weary climate… Continue reading

Clothing Production Has Doubled Since 2000, and 85% of It Will End Up in a Landfill. Discover The Real Price of Fast Fashion

The statistics are astounding and embarrassing. The fashion industry mass produces a product that exploits women and children, is rapidly depleting and polluting its water supplies, only to then dump or burn almost all of it, which pollutes the air with carbon dioxide. One thing is for certain, fast fashion is expending resources and polluting the planet at a rate that cannot be sustained for very long… Continue reading