Client Testimonials:

Academic Testimonials:

Tiffany’s greatest talent is her ability to understand her audience. Yes, she has a keen editorial eye and a flair for language, but what sets her apart from many other writers is how she uses those skills to speak convincingly to her specific readers. Moreover, Tiffany is dedicated. Whether she is part of a team or working on her own, whether she is writing a reported essay or creating a social media marketing campaign, she meets her deadlines and generates clean and compelling copy. I recommend her highly!

Jessica Rapisarda – Assistant Professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College

Tiffany is a talented and disciplined writer with an engaging writing style. I’ve found her work to be warm but not sentimental. It’s concise with a strong natural flow. Tiffany first impressed me with her work ethic. She wrote several professional-quality blog posts that were insightful and genuinely fun and interesting to read. Her website was well-designed, interesting, and engaging. She gives just the right details and description to make a piece of writing memorable without drowning the reader in sentimental language. Her articles were of publishable quality, and I could easily see them on a professional site.  

Of course, as any writing teacher knows, innate talent is only one part of what’s needed for a successful career; work ethic and determination are equally necessary, and Tiffany consistently demonstrates these qualities. Tiffany works hard and is open to criticism. She is happy to try suggestions from instructors and classmates to improve her work, but she is adept enough to edit herself. Tiffany doesn’t needs a lot of hand-holding; she works independently very well. Tiffany has a great attitude, also. When critiquing other students’ work, she is always respectful and helpful. I imagine she would work well on a team or independently. She tended to turn high quality work in early, also, and consistently produced more than was asked of her.

Though I’ve only known Tiffany for a few months, I have been very impressed with her writing during this time. This is due to her hard work and her drive, as well as her writing ability. I have no doubt Tiffany will continue to work hard and succeed in whatever endeavor she pursues; she has the work ethic, the sensibilities, and the talent to consistently produce quality work. 

Cort Bledsoe – Instructor at Northern Virginia Community College

I considered myself and our classes fortunate to have Tiffany in several courses. Whenever I saw her name in the student roster, I was so pleased, as I knew there would be a role model for others in the class. She is communicative, tenacious, resourceful, and always extends herself beyond that which is required. When a professor can learn from a student, that is the mark of someone extraordinary who should be encouraged to stretch even further. She exceeded every challenge, and I would very much like to clone her. 

Cynthia Johnson – Associate Professor of Business and Marketing at Northern Virginia Community College